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We all start our businesses wanting to do something we love. 

However, most business owners realize after starting their business that it’s less about doing something they love and more about promoting their business, getting clients in the door, and managing people. What starts as a dream can quickly turn into a demanding 80 hour per week liability that drains your bank account, your energy and your confidence.

Confidentiality is our priority 

All coaching sessions are confidential and private, so there is no need to worry about other people learning proprietary or confidential information about you, your employees or your business finances.

We adapt to you, Not the other way around

You determine the intensity. If you need to keep costs down and/or want to go slow, you can start with as little as four hours a month. If revenues are growing quickly or you feel you need more guidance,  you can increase to six or even eight hours a month.

Our Coaching Sessions Are Driven by Results

Unlike some coaching programs, we don’t have a canned set of coaching talking points. We won’t force you into a rigid system that ignores subtle variations and real world differences between companies in the same industry.


​Each one-on-one coaching session is customized to your needs. We investigate why some things are working and other things aren’t. We ask questions, listen and make suggestions. We conduct periodic assessments and make adjustments as we resolve old issues and new issues pop up.

At the end of each coaching session, we’ll assign homework to help create action-oriented movement within your business. During the next session, we’ll follow up on the homework to hold you and your business accountable.


  • Affordable rates

  • Sessions are one-on-one

  • No long-term contract required

  • We focus on accountability, action and results

  • Meet twice a month or once a week

  • We are also available by phone and email

Business owners can be amazing at their profession, but figuring out the business side can be challenging, especially for startups and early stage businesses. What works for large corporations doesn’t translate for small organizations where you’re working on a shoestring budget, have limited resources, and everybody has to wear multiple hats.

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