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Michael Creatore uses a proprietary, comprehensive Turnaround Strategy that first identifies the reasons your business is faltering with our detailed “Analysis of Now.” We apply an objective approach to evaluating your business that’s designed to develop realistic perspectives from outside of the board room, which could identify where your company is falling short in the marketplace. We will examine all aspects of your business operation and look closely at the key components of your business model.


Your ability to lead in a courageous, effective, and dynamic manner has a direct effect on your executive leadership team’s performance, your manager’s productivity, your employee’s motivation, and your company’s profitability. Leadership & Management Consulting is one of the most effective tools available today to help you enhance your leadership skills, build your leadership presence, and increase your executive wisdom.


Sales Consulting is a collaborative partnership focused on helping you and your team-reach peak performance, increase your productivity and develop more effective skills resulting in significant revenue growth and profitability. Companies who use 1-on-1 coaching experience an average 600% return on investment (ROI), according to a recent study of fortune 1000 executives.


Other Services Offered

  • Staff Development

  • Buisness Consulting

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Entrepreneurship & Startup

  • Leadership Training

  • Sales Training

  • Franchise Consulting

  • Executive Consulting


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